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Hospital introduction
Blue Mel international medical group is the first comprehensive medical group in China, which integrates scientific research, medical treatment, doctor group, biological information, health information dissemination and public charity. It originated in Shandong and radiates all over the country and gradually develops along the "one along the road" (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dubai and so on).

The Shandong Academy of minimally invasive medicine, which belongs to the blue Mel international medical group, is co founded by several three armour hospitals in the United province of blue Mel. The first medical doctor in Shandong, ten famous doctors in Shandong Province, and the special talents introduced by Shandong University, the chief expert of Professor Niu Jun, mainly carry out basic medicine and clinical medicine research. The training and application of new medical equipment will accelerate the training of new specialized minimally invasive medical personnel and improve the level of precision surgery in our province and even in China. The research institute is located at the core of the life science city of Ji'nan Hi-tech Zone, and the overall planning of the integrated project of production, learning and research. The research institute is set up by Dr. blue Mel group, blue Mel international medical center and Lamel Health Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which systematically realizes talent training, minimally invasive medical research, new type of minimally invasive medical equipment research and development and scientific research results. Transformation and promotion. At present, with the United States, Germany, Japan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Hongkong, Taiwan and other well-known scientific research and medical institutions to establish cooperative relations, with more than 20 cooperative research results with independent intellectual property rights.

Strict integration of production and learning

1. Basic and clinical studies:

In view of the difficulties and technical bottlenecks in the development of minimally invasive medical technology, the relevant basic research is carried out, and a reasonable and advanced minimally invasive surgical instruments are developed and applied to the clinic gradually.

2. Talent training:

On the basis of research and application, the related minimally invasive technology training platform and doctor group are established, and more excellent minimally invasive physicians are standardized to provide more talents for the development of minimally invasive medicine. International teaching software is introduced and developed, and personalized learning training and examination guidance for foreign students are conducted according to their needs.

3. New medical equipment:

Cooperative research and development, trial and promotion of new minimally invasive medical devices.

Characteristic advantage

1. precise and minimally invasive:

1. major specialties, small comprehensive 2. research institutes provide scientific research support.

2. International high-end:

1. international experts and academicians workstation 2. five star stewardship service and international nutrition restaurant, 3. operation robot and other sophisticated equipment 4. intelligent ward management system

3. Full service:

1. "many to one" and "one-stop" diagnosis and treatment services 2. surgical rehabilitation whole process integration 3. medical insurance and commercial insurance settlement

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