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Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery
Department of hepatobiliary surgery -- Niu Weibo

Qilu Hospital General Surgery, Jinan Air Force 456 Hospital Deputy Director of General Surgery, deputy director of physician, graduated from Shandong University Medical College, doctor of medicine, to study in Australia expert laparoscopy pioneer of one of the Niu Jun mentor.

He has been engaged in general surgery for more than 20 years, and has rich clinical experience. He is good at laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hepatic cyst resection, gastric perforation repair, choledocholithotomy, colorectal tumor resection, liver tumor resection and various abdominal operations.

With strong professional ability and skilled operation skills, especially in minimally invasive endoscopic surgery and endoscopic surgery, various laparoscopic operations (including cholecystectomy, bile duct exploration and drainage, partial thyroidectomy, appendectomy, gastrectomy, splenectomy, colorectal cancer radical resection, etc.) have been successfully performed. More than 2000 cases.

Minimally invasive surgery is a good way to avoid the huge wound of traditional surgery and recover quickly. Intraperitoneal chemotherapy for intra-abdominal tumors has been carried out in synchronization with the current international studies. It has the advantages of good efficacy, light side effects and low cost.

Niu Weibo, as a leading member of the Living Liver Transplantation and Non-Scar Surgery (NOTES) team, assisted the director in a great deal of clinical and scientific research work. He has published 2 SCI papers and more than 10 papers in the core journals of Chinese Journal of Digestive Surgery and Chinese Journal of General Surgery.

Director of Department of hepatobiliary surgery, Mel International Medical Center.
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